Home Inspection Tips

1-Home Inspection Tips 101

Windows and door that don't lock right, missing latches, doors that bind in the door jamb or window frame are all little nuisances and may not cause the seller much concern. When added to the home inspection report however in addition to other items around the home may cause a potential buyer to walk. Most are simple inexpensive fixes that can be done before that all important open house. Fix It Or I Will Find It™ :-)

2-Home Inspection Tips 101

People's mouths drop open in awe and excitement when they pull up to a home with solar panels. I think they are the future and should be in every home in America. When installing over a roof that should've been replaced 5 years ago it's a costly mistake that could be YOUR buyer's costly mistake once it's purchased. Whether buying, selling or holding common sense should always prevail Fix It Or I Will Find It™

3-Home Inspection Tips 101

When considering selling your home the mere thought of the amount of money that change hands at some point is daunting, to say the least. With that in mind compare it to the cost of a few hundred to ensure that you can get the thousands more for your property. An inspection report is something IN HAND to show to your buyers! It demonstrates the extent that you went to Prove that what you have to sell is the best deal in the neighborhood and quality just happens to cost more. A Pre-Listing inspection is just as important as the appraisal. The appraisal is the guideline for the area and type of home in relation to price and recent comparable sales. The Inspection though validates "The Quality" of the home itself. Is it an Accord or a Bentley? You need to do the inspection to find the problems that need fixing. What are they? Fix It Or I Will Find It™

4-Home Inspection Tips 101

The details are what helps sell homes. Little things like soft close hinges on the cabinet doors. A 10 pack for doing 5 doors is just $50. A couple of sets won't set you back much, they are idiot proof to install and will scream upgrade. Other quick and inexpensive hacks to help shine up the house for sale? I will post them because Fix It Or I Will Find Ir.... To share it with you ;-)

5-Home Inspection Tips 101

Caulk is your friend :-) It's easy to use and fixes a world of evil. It also PREVENTS evil. Filling those gaps in the spaces between the bath walls and tub, sealing toilets to the floor, Closing Thermal Gaps around doors and windows, nail holes. back splashes in the kitchen and bath, Holes in the exterior siding. These are all things we as inspectors look for. When you want to sell your car you get it washed right? For under $20 you can prevent mold and water intrusion and set the house on the right track to the open house.